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Latte is a one-page parallax WordPress theme for developers, designers & freelancers, to showcase their profile and portfolio.

It comes with many options, including services section, portfolio, maps, contact form, testimonials, pricing tables, and more.

Plus, it's easy to customize! You don't need a page builder or a drag & drop editor. Every thing can be customized straight from the WordPress Customizer.


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My latest at ProfHacker: Tools for an Effective Workflow

Many of us have favorite tools that suit our workflows well, helping us accomplish our tasks and keep track of needed bits of information. Below you’ll find a list of applications, services, and utilities that I use almost daily. Workflow. I a big fan of ToDoist, my preferred Task Manager. For the way I work, it’s […]

My latest at ProfHacker: Through Another’s Eyes: Troubleshooting with User Switching

Last week, I introduced readers to Installatron, a tool that’s very useful for backing up and cloning WordPress installations. This week’s post continues the WordPress thread. Many of us who use WordPress use it for maintaining a personal website and/or a professional portfolio; we’re the only users registered on our sites. Others, however, use WordPress […]

My latest at ProfHacker: Backup and Development with Installatron

It’s no secret that we love WordPress here at ProfHacker. It powers this blog, and many of us use it for our own personal, professional, and/or course sites. As with anything else digital, it’s important to back up your WordPress installation, and to check those backups regularly. We’ve also noted that, when making significant changes […]

My latest at ProfHacker: Keeping Track of Bills with FileThis

Bills! Sigh. There’s no getting around it: finances are one of the many things we have to keep track of. Fortunately, there are tools that help keep us organized and on top of things. Heather’s covered personal finance software, Erin’s suggested ways to check in on your insurance, and Adeline’s looked at a helpful tool […]

My latest at ProfHacker: Using Google Forms for In-class Polling

Recently, I found myself involved in a conversation about clickers. The topic under discussion wasn’t their usefulness in the classroom, but the fact that there are a number of different types available, and as the manufacturers update their products, equipment that’s already in use may end up obsolete. As I listened to the concerns being […]

My latest at ProfHacker: Data Visualization with Knoema

Anyone who’s had to deal with large amounts of data will be well aware that sometimes a visual can be extremely helpful in understanding that data. This map of states party to the Convention on the Rights of the Child that I tweeted out last November is a case in point: Even if I were […]


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