Kirby Puckett, March 14, 1960-March 6, 2006

This morning, while listening to the radio, I learned of Kirby Puckett’s death two days ago. He was just shy of 46.Growing up in the Twin Cities and coming from a proud line of baseball fans–Grandma’s a big Tigers fan, and I can’t actually remember learning the basic skills of throwing and hitting, because my dad had me out in the backyard beginning at such a young age–Kirby Puckett was a mainstay of my late teens and early twenties. His 11th inning home run in Game 6 that forced Game 7 of the 1991 World Series was especially memorable. Puckett had to cut his career short in 1996, when he developed glaucoma in his right eye. The years since his retirement were difficult, and he ran into a number of problems, both legal and personal. Nevertheless, he remains a great of the baseball world, and will be missed. Rest in peace, Kirby.

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