My latest at ProfHacker: Back to School: Secure Your Online Life

Chase security smallThe academic year is about to begin (or perhaps has already begun, at least where faculty meetings are concerned). Many of us will, no doubt, be taking advantage of a number of online services for sharing documents, organizing our course materials, buying books both analog and digital, synchronizing documents between our home and work computers, communicating with students and colleagues, storing and streaming media, etc. We’ve certainly covered the range of such services here: Dropbox, Spideroak, Google Documents/Drive, Google Plus, etc.

These services are incredibly convenient. Convenience, however, can have a downside: convenient services aren’t always as secure as we might like them to be (as Dave Parry pointed out last year, in a post that’s still very much worth reading for the questions about security and privacy that it raises). Services that make our data so very…

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