My latest at ProfHacker: Comment on the New DMCA Exemptions

GrumpyJust over two years ago, Kathleen wrote about the DMCA exemptions issued by the Library of Congress.

Last week, the U.S. Copyright Office published an updated rule with DMCA exemptions (it went into effect on October 28), and the changes aren’t all good. To get a quick overview of the new exemptions, I’d recommend reading this piece at ArsTechnica and this one at readwrite hack.

Some of what’s in the new rule is perfectly sensible. As Timothy B. Lee points out, ebook access to the disabled should now be easier, since the exemption no longer requires that “’all existing e-book editions of the work contain access controls’ that inhibit disabled access” before it’s legal to circumvent DRM. Thus, users need no longer incur the expense of owning multiple ebook readers in order to circumvent DRM legally. This is a good thing!

But other parts of the rule cry out for a…

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