My latest at ProfHacker: Great Lakes THATCamp 2012

Twitter GLThatCampIt’s no great secret that many of us here at ProfHacker are huge fans of the THATCamp series of unconferences; we’ve written quite a lot about these gatherings—and there’s really no reason to change that pattern, is there?

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to attend this year’s Great Lakes THATCamp, which was held on the campus of Western University in London, Ontario. Over 80 campers attended.

Like many THATCamps, this one had workshops (or “bootcamps”) as well as regular sessions. These were held on Friday, and gave early arrivals the opportunity to learn by doing. The only downside I found was having to choose among concurrent sessions; there’s no way, unfortunately, to do everything. I was able to participate in “Introduction to Arduino and Physical Computing,” “Introduction to TEI for Hypertext and Digital Archives,” and the “Drupal Site Building Sprint,” each of…

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