My latest at ProfHacker: How to Have Two GV Numbers Connected with One Phone, and Why You Might Want To

ThiVoicemails isn’t the first post about Google Voice that we’ve run here at ProfHacker. Ryan’s written about it on at least three occasions. In one post, he explained how (in conjunction with FaceTime) he used it to keep in touch with his family while he was out of the country. He’s also used it to make long distance calls in places where cell coverage is poor.

The post that first got me intrigued about Google Voice, though, was Ryan’s introductory post on the service (can it really be three years ago already?), in which he described the ways it could be used to control which callers are allowed to ring which phones, and when.

I recently encountered a different use case. I want all my phone numbers to go to my cell, but I don’t necessarily want all callers to be able to get through to that one phone at all times. I had a further complication: about a year ago, when I switched…

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