My latest at ProfHacker: How to Install Linux to a USB Drive (and why you might want to)

Linux USBWe’ve mentioned Linux on several occasions since this blog got started back in 2009. I introduced readers to UberStudent  (now up to version 3.0) back in its early days, and last fall I pointed out some good reasons to experiment with Linux. Lincoln’s made the move to using Linux full time.

One of the nice things about Linux is that it can be installed to a flash drive as well as to a hard drive, providing not just the convenience of portable applications, but the power of an entire operating system.

I recently created a portable Linux computer on a 16GB flash drive (running Ubuntu 13.04) using “Method 0″ described on this page in the Ubuntu Wiki. It’s possible to achieve the same result using the Universal USB Installer from (Note that it’s easiest to install Linux to a USB using either a Linux or Windows computer.)

Once installed to the flash drive, Linux…

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