My latest at ProfHacker: Keeping the Workflow Simple


Recently, I decided I wanted to reestablish the practice of daily writing, following the model of But I didn’t want to use that site, I wanted what I wrote to be searchable, and I wanted to be able to write just about anywhere.

Figuring out the “write anywhere” piece was simple. I was fortunate enough to acquire an iPad not long ago, and a bluetooth keyboard to go with it. There are lots of apps available for producing text on the iPad. I checked out Elements 2 and Byword, both of which can handle (and even preview) Markdown, which I want to learn. They both also work well with ProfHacker favorite Dropbox. (Byword also works with iCloud, for those who prefer that). I liked both, but ended up going with Byword, for two reasons. First, it has the ability to keep a running word count, so I can easily tell when I get to 750. (Elements 2 can provide a word count, but it…

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