My latest at ProfHacker: Learning HTML with Mozilla Thimble


A little over two years ago, I wrote a post about why one might want to write HTML. In that post, I pointed readers to a few HTML editors they might consider using, if they decided HTML was something they wanted to learn.

Last week, Mozilla released a new, online editor designed to make it easy for novices to create web pages using HTML and CSS. The editor, called Thimble, is part of Mozilla’s Webmaker project.

The project’s Get Started page offers two options: Start from scratch, which brings you to a mostly empty editor (and presumes you have some idea of what you’re doing), and Pick a project which—as one would expect—presents you with a list of projects to choose from. For purposes of my own exploration, I chose the “Learn HTML fast by making your own web page” project.

Thimble splits your browser window into two panes. On the left is an editor; on the right is a…

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