My latest at ProfHacker: Standardization or Variety? Where’s the Balance?

Finches A student’s lament: “One professor refuses to accept assignments electronically. Another only accepts assignments electronically. One professor wants me to use Microsoft Word for all my writing assignments. One doesn’t want to see anything with a .doc or .docx extension. One professor thinks that ‘electronic submission’ should translate to ‘send as an email attachment.’ One can’t stand attachments, and wants everything shared with her in Google Documents. One posts everything related to the class in Blackboard. One stays as far away from Blackboard as possible, and uses a combination of WordPress and Engrade. Arrgh!”

One can understand the student’s frustration, but is this lack of standardization necessarily a bad thing?

Yes, having to learn different systems for different instructors can be annoying. And granted, some institutions use an LMS for purposes that go far beyond the…

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