My latest at ProfHacker: Staying Productive on the Go with Onlive Desktop

Onlive screenshotAcademics seem to travel a lot (at least, more than a lot of people). Whether that travel is for professional or personal reasons, we seem to travel with a fair amount of tech gear, including (usually) a laptop. Though laptops usually weigh no more than about five pounds—and netbooks and machines such as the Macbook Air weigh even less—it can still add up.

It’s tempting to leave the laptop at home and travel with just a tablet. Some people have tried that, including James Kendrik of ZDNet. We’ve even had a guest post about it here.

While some users have reported good results traveling with a tablet alone, others have been hesitant to take the plunge. Onlive Desktop may make the prospect more tempting.

Onlive provides access to a virtual Windows machine capable of running the full Microsoft Office suite and browsing the web (including sites that use Flash). Each user has…

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