My latest at ProfHacker: When a “Catastrophe” Turns Out Well

2070718497 84a8379634 mWe’ve all dreaded it: the day something goes horribly wrong with something that’s of ongoing importance for a course we’re teaching.  It happened to me the middle of the semester.

I use a multisite installation of WordPress to run my courses. I try to be very faithful about keeping up with updates as appropriate. It was just that fidelity that caused a problem.

One evening in late March, one of my students emailed to let me know that she couldn’t access the course site—she kept getting an error that said something about too many redirects. I tried to go to the site myself, and got the same error. So I decided to try the sites for the other courses I was teaching this spring. I got the same result. In fact, I was getting the same error for every single site on my domain. Ugh.

I’d done some automatic updates on my WordPress installation earlier in the day; I can only conclude …

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