A good chunk of my work day involves reading, which is unsurprising. Part of that reading is keeping up with what other academics are doing, not just in formal publications, but in their day-to-day writing. To help me with that, I subscribe to a good number of RSS feeds, which I typically read during the lunch hour.

Today I came across two gems. Neither one is about digital humanities in the sense of text mining or GIS, but both address issues that people who care about digital scholarship tend to think about a lot.

The first is from fellow ProfHacker Brian Croxall, who is also participating in Day of DH: “Digital Identity.”

The second is from Catherine Pellegrino, one of my colleagues here at Saint Mary’s, and should be of interest to those who think open access is important: “Walking the walk may be trickier than it first appears: An open access publishing story.”

Both pieces are well worth the time it takes to read them (and neither will take very long).

from Day of DH 2014: Amy Cavender

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