First post: Introduction and SQPN

I’ve just finished setting up my blog template the way I like it, so this post is mainly for the purpose of making sure all is in working order. But why waste a post? Let me put in a plug for the Starquest Podcast Network, which you can find here. You’ll also find a link in the sidebar.What you’ll find are links to three terrific podcasts by Fr. Roderick Vonhogen (that second “o” in Roderick’s last name really should have an umlaut, but I can’t get it to render correctly in either Firefox or IE), a priest of the Diocese of Utrecht working in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. The podcasts are The Daily Breakfast, The Secrets of Harry Potter, and The Secrets of Narnia. The latter two, as their titles suggest, are short commentaries on the classical and Christian themes in the series of books and movies. The Daily Breakfast is a short (15-25 minutes) variety show featuring music, news, response to listener feedback, and a Catholic Q&A titled “The Peculiar Bunch.” It’s updated Monday-Friday, and definitely worth a listen!

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