My latest at ProfHacker: A Brief First Look at Chrome Apps

Chrome appsApplications designed to run in Google’s Chrome browser are nothing new. Last week, though, Google added a twist: they introduced a “For Your Desktop” section. Unlike other applications previously available in the Chrome Web Store, Chrome Apps are designed to work offline — and to work outside a browser.

Writers at The Verge and PCWorld have already written fairly extensively about Google’s move and what it might mean for the future of the Chrome platform, so I’ll refrain from offering comment on that here.

But I’ll note that the apps I’ve tried work as expected. I’ve played a bit with Pixlr Touch Up, and while it’s a very basic photo editor, it does what it’s designed to do, without fuss. Of more day-to-day importance to me, the Wunderlist app (Mark reviewed the other versions of the app last year) also does very well, behaving —as intended — as though it were a desktop…

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