My latest at ProfHacker: A Day of Rest

Rest Area

[In this post, we’re pleased to welcome guest posters Lynne Goldstein and Michelle Kassorla. Lynne is a Professor of Anthropology and Director of the Campus Archeology Program at Michigan State University. You’ll find her actively engaged on Twitter at @lynnegoldstein. Michelle is a Lecturer in the English Department at Clark Atlanta University. She blogs at and can be found on Twitter at @drkassorla.]

At first glance, this post may seem to lie a bit outside of the normal ProfHacker purview, but once in awhile it’s good to pause to consider life as a whole. This post has its origin in a brief Twitter conversation in response to Tabita Green’s post at Lifehack. Though you’ll see similarities to some of what Ms. Green says in what follows, you’ll also find a variety of other reasons for keeping (or beginning to keep, or attempting to keep)…

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