My latest at ProfHacker: A Quick Recap of Day of DH 2014

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This post was originally scheduled to run last week, but then there was Heartbleed.

So it’s only now that we get to look back to this year’s Day of Digital Humanities event, held on April 8 and hosted for the second year in a row by the wonderful team at Matrix, including Ethan Wattrall. For those who may be unfamiliar with the event, it’s a day in which those working in digital humanities publicly document some of their work day and discuss their work.

What is digital humanities? For answers to that question, be sure to check out the Day of DH site’s members page. Each person who registered was asked to provide his or her definition of “digital humanities,” and they’re noted there. There’s quite a range, and the definitions make for an interesting read.

With 523 registrations, there was a lot of DH-related blogging going on during the day. At least three of the ProfHacker team set up sites: Anastasia and Brian did, as did I. There was also a very active Twitter stream. That likely had even wider participation, as people whose commitments that day made blogging impossible, but who were nevertheless doing DH-related work, chimed in.

Between the blogging and the Twitter stream, there was a lot of good conversation going on, which is always one of the best parts of the event. I’m still dipping back in to the stream and the blogs as time permits, because there was simply so much happening (so I’m very grateful to have blogs and hashtag searches to go back to!).

Did you participate in this year’s Day of DH? Are there particular blogs, specific posts, or Twitter conversations that you’d recommend reading? Let us know in the comments.

[CC-licensed photo by Flickr user Quinn Dombrowski]

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