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AngrybirdWe’ve all had it happen. A friend, family member, or colleague pushes the wrong button—and we explode, or at least want to. And when we do explode, it’s often unhealthy, both for the other person involved and for us. On the other hand, simply letting ourselves stew in the anger, suppressing it because we know exploding’s inappropriate, isn’t always healthy or helpful, either.

If we’re fortunate, whatever’s set us off isn’t part of an immediate, face-to-face confrontation, so we have time to consider our response.

But how should we respond? I had the opportunity to ponder this question today (June 14, as I write this) when a fine post by Michael Hyatt popped up in my news feed. The post itself is well worth the time it takes to read, and there’s some good discussion in the comments section, too.

Among the strategies suggested in the post:

  • Don’t react immediately. Give you…

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