My latest at ProfHacker: Creating Your Own Attendance “App” with Google Forms

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For those who like to keep class records electronically, a quick search of the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store will turn up a variety of attendance apps. (See, for example, Attendance2 for iOS, which Brian wrote about some years ago, or Attendance for Android.) Many such apps allow you to add photos and can integrate with Google Sheets.

It’s also possible, though, to create such a mobile “app” yourself, using Google Forms. This is what I’ve done for my own classes.

The process is simple. All that’s necessary is to create a new Google Form, and add one question per student. Multiple choice, Checkboxes, and Dropdown all work well as question types:

Annotated Google Forms screenshot

Google Forms also allows attaching an image to each question, which is useful if you have access to photos of your students.

Once the form is complete, just email yourself the link to it, and open the link in your favorite mobile browser. From there, you can save the form to your home screen for quick access.

I’ve been doing this for my classes for a couple of semesters now, and I’ve found it very helpful not only for knowing when I may need to follow up with a student about excessive or unusual absences, but also (thanks to the ability to add their photos) for learning students’ names.

What works well for you for taking attendance and/or learning students’ names? Let us know in the comments.

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