My latest at ProfHacker: Easy Timelines with Timeline JS

TimelineIt seems a lot of us here at ProfHacker find timelines useful for teaching purposes. Ethan’s covered BeeDocs Timeline, Konrad’s had a look at TimelineSetter, and Billie’s introduced readers to a variety of timeline tools for PC users. Brian’s written an entire tutorial on building a timeline using SIMILE. I’ve even covered timelines myself, taking a look at Dipity a couple of years ago. (And I’m happy to report that Dipity can now handle BCE dates.)

Recently, I’ve had reason to be looking for a timeline tool again, for use in a group project for class. My teammates and I settled on a new (to us, at least) tool that we learned about after searching around for a bit: Timeline JS.

Clicking the “Examples” tab on their site and perusing the timelines listed there provides a good overview of what the timelines look like. Timelines can handle a variety of content types:

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