My latest at ProfHacker: Favorite Apps for Work and Life

ToolsSince ProfHacker first launched, we’ve written several posts about our favorite applications, the most recent being Ryan’s “Back to School: Mac App Pack.” Since I’m currently in school myself, I find that my work patterns have changed a bit, so I’ve been experimenting with a number of applications to see what might work best for my new circumstances.

So here are the applications that I find are working well for me so far, as a student and a writer. I use all of these every week—most of them, every day—and have found them essential to my workflow.

For keeping up with course reading:

  • The Kindle app for iPad. I’m living in Chicago this year, and I want to be able to travel light getting to and from class. I also don’t really want to acquire a bunch of books that I’ll have to cart home in May. I use the app for just about all of my leisure reading right now, a…

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