My latest at ProfHacker: Getting Started with Drupal

Drupal soupOver the last few years, we’ve written a lot about maintaining an online presence. When that presence takes the form of a website, WordPress is one of the most commonly used tools for building (whether you download and install it yourself or decide to use instead). It’s certainly a ProfHacker favorite.

There are times, though, when creating a web presence involves not only running a blog and/or posting relevant professional information, but also hosting a full-blown digital project. WordPress might be sufficiently robust to handle what’s needed—or it might not. In a lot of instances, Drupal might be a better choice. Drupal for Humanists does a good job of explaining both what Drupal can do, and when it might be better to use something else.

The site also has links to tools for getting started with developing a Drupal site, including Acquia Drupal and Pantheon

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