My latest at ProfHacker: “Hacking” Your Own “Apps”

HackThose who use smartphones regularly know that there are all kinds of apps available for doing all kinds of useful things. A large number of them are free (which can be a great thing for leaving yourself free to switch from one platform to another when your contract is up, as Ryan mentioned recently).

There are also, of course, a large number of paid apps for all the major platforms. If a paid app does what you need it to do, and does it well for what you consider to be a reasonable price, great! I certainly have a few of those on my phone, and they’re not sort of thing I could create for myself (Tweetbot’s an example; I use it daily, and it’s essential to my workflow). But I find there are other needs for which there’s a paid app available, but it either doesn’t do quite what I need, or it’s more than I want to pay when I could very easily create my own alternative.

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