My latest at ProfHacker: Handy Browser Extensions

ExtensionsNo doubt many of our readers do a significant proportion of their work in a browser window; that’s certainly true of many of the members of the ProfHacker team.

Extensions can make our browsers more useful for us, or at least help us to accomplish some of our browser-based tasks a little more efficiently. A recent ZDNet article took a quick look at several extensions for Chrome; though many of the extensions listed there are most suited to web developers, the article prompted me to take a look at my own Chrome extensions.

What I discovered was that, while I don’t use very many extensions, I use the relatively few I have a lot, often in combination with one another. Here’s what I’ve got installed:

  • Evernote Web Clipper. Evernote’s a big part of my workflow; being able to add materials without having to leave my browser is very handy.
  • Pocket. Pocket is my reading…

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