My latest at ProfHacker: Managing Photos on Flickr

A Flicker (bird) on FlickrA lot of us here at ProfHacker have been using Flickr for quite a while. I like it well enough that I used to subscribe to Flickr Pro for the extra storage space, though I dropped the subscription when Flickr gave everyone a full terabyte of storage. I keep my personal photos there, as well as photos that I use for this blog. Every once in a while I have occasion to take a snapshot of the whiteboard in my classroom and share it with my students on our course website, and Flickr’s handy for that, too.

Since I’m not one to remember to upload photos, and my phone is my primary camera, I love it that Flickr’s Android app can automatically upload every single photo I take, leaving it private until I decide otherwise. What I’m not so good at is organizing my photos in anything even resembling timely fashion, which means I too often end up needing to do some batch editing. That’s not impossible in Flickr’s web interface, but for more than I handful of photos, it’s not a great deal of fun, either.

What I really need (other than the discipline to just bite the bullet and organize my photos on a more frequent basis) is a good desktop client that has drag and drop capabilities, support for geotagging, and the like. I’ve found a couple of possibilities for OS X that I might have a look at: flickery and F-stop. They seem worth investigating.

I’ve not yet managed to find good candidates for Windows or Linux, though, so I’ll ask you, our readers: Do you have a favorite desktop client for managing Flickr photos? Let us know in the comments.

Creative Commons licensed photo by Flickr user Anita Ritenour

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