My latest at ProfHacker: Open Thread: Thoughts on Providing Documentation?

A librarian doing bibliographic instruction in a computer labMany of us have had a lot of practice in planning courses and specific classes. We’re experienced at designing assignments, too.

But as more of us experiment with blogging assignments and electronic portfolios, we often find ourselves asking students to do things with tools that they may not be familiar with. They’ll need some instruction in how to use those tools, and they’re likely to appreciate some reference material, even if we devote some class time to hands-on practice.

What kind of reference materials should we provide? Especially if there’s existing documentation provided by the tool’s makers (e.g. Zotero, WordPress, etc.), do we simply point students to that, or do we provide additional documentation of our own? If we provide our own, why — and what kind(s) of documentation should we provide?

Let us know what you think!

CC-licensed image by Flickr user Cofrin Library.

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