My latest at ProfHacker: Sometimes It’s the Little Things

microphone pillowSome of the challenges we face in our daily work are major, requiring considerable effort to resolve — and we feel a justifiable sense of accomplishment when we meet those challenges successfully.

Sometimes, though, there’s something very small that might help us or someone else do something a little better. I recently had occasion to try out the dictation feature in OSX (and was pleased to learn that Windows also has this capability), and was impressed with how well it works.

Shortly thereafter, I found myself chatting with a writer who was struggling a bit to produce prose that “sounds” natural to a reader. Said writer, however, speaks clearly, expressively, and precisely most of the time. Would it help, I wondered aloud in our conversation, to dictate a first draft to the computer, rather than typing?

Both of us thought it might be worth a try, and I might try it, too, the…

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