My latest at ProfHacker: Untethering in the Classroom

Projecting to an Apple TV with mirroring
I hate being tethered to the podium computer in my classroom. Seriously. I have a strong preference for being able to move about the room, but I also frequently need to use the projector, which is connected to — you guessed it — the podium in the front of the room. There’s really no simple way around this.

In my ideal world, I’d be teaching in a classroom equipped with a wireless projector. But since I don’t anticipate having access to such a projector anytime soon, I’ve had to look for other solutions.

In the past, I’ve used de Mobo for running presentations from Google Slides, and it’s worked reasonably well. Sometimes, though, I want to do more than just move through a slide deck. What would really be ideal is to be able to project whatever’s on my mobile device.

Google’s Chromecast has that capability, and Ryan mused about its classroom potential in this space last year. The price is certainly right, but it won’t work for me, as I don’t have an HDMI hookup available.

What I’ve settled on for the time being is the Apple TV, which I’m using as described at Edudemic. (I had to add an HDMI to VGA converter, due to that aforementioned lack of an HDMI port.)

It works remarkably well, and it opens the possibility for students to share their screens in class (though I haven’t tried that yet) — at least, those students who have Apple devices. The Chromecast might work better for those who can use it, since it plays well with Windows and Android devices, as well as Apple products.

What other possibilities are there for untethering in the classroom? If you have ideas to share — including thoughts about the benefits of having students be able to share their work on screen — please do so in the comments.

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