My latest at ProfHacker: Updates to Zite

ZiteNot long ago, Google did some spring housecleaning. Among other things, they announced the the demise of Google Reader, effective on July 1 of this year.

To say that this caused quite a stir would be an understatement; my Twitter stream more or less exploded in response to the news. Reader itself has received more than a few mentions in this space, and many of the applications we use depend on it.

One of those is Zite, which Erin reviewed a little over a year ago. I personally rely heavily on Zite for my regular reading, so I was glad to see its creators move very quickly in response to Google’s announcement. The very next day, they released a re-working of the way their service interacts with Google, which they’d managed to put together in just six hours.

There are some limitations, which they note in their announcement (there’s no automatic syncing of feeds, for instance), but…

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