My latest at ProfHacker: Using Evernote in the Classroom

Cat reading in Evernote on an iPadLast week, Jason asked readers how they work with their tablets. In the comments section, I noted that one of the ways I use it is for keeping my class notes. I keep those in Evernote.

(Yes, we’ve mentioned that app a few times in this space. I also use Evernote for storing information I might want to retrieve later; I recently reorganized my notebooks and notes after reading about Michael Hyatt’s setup, and I’ve found that approach really helpful).

Once my class notes are in Evernote, it’s very easy for me to access my notes from my iPad, so I don’t need to bring bits of paper with me to class, nor do I need to be tied to the podium computer at the front of the classroom. I’ve even tried using presentation mode (a premium feature, I’m afraid) a couple of times; I haven’t decided yet how well that’s working for me. I need to give it more time.

I’m sure there are other ways I might put it to use. Raul Pacheco-Vega wrote a post back in August about an assignment he uses that involves Evernote. He’s also shared his public notebook of resources and ideas for using Evernote in academia. I’m looking forward to reading through some of the ideas there during my college’s fall break.

What about you? Are there ways you’re using Evernote (or a similar application, such as OneNote) for your teaching, research, or other work? Please share your ideas in the comments!

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