My latest at ProfHacker: What Are You Reading These Days?

Reading a bookRead, read, read.

It’s what most of us spend a lot of time doing, whether it’s our students’ or colleagues’ work, books that we’re teaching in class, or books for leisure reading.

We don’t necessarily talk much about what we’re reading, though — at least, I don’t — which is unfortunate, I think. I’ve been the lucky recipient of some good reading recommendations in the past when others have shared what they were reading, and those recommendations have often been for books I might not have discovered on my own.

So, for this Open Thread Wednesday, I thought we might start a list of current reading materials from those willing to share.

For class (Politics and Religion), I’m currently reading Stephen V. Monsma and J. Christopher Soper’s The Challenge of Pluralism: Chruch and State in Five Democracies. It’s a good comparative approach to Church-State arrangements in liberal democracies.

For evening leisure reading (I try to read something not work-related for about an hour before bed, as I’ve learned that if I work right up until bedtime, I don’t sleep well), I’m working my way through Susan Cooper’s The Dark is Rising series. I’m just about halfway through the fifth and final book, Silver on the Tree. I think I first read the series in junior high school. It’s not exactly highbrow literature, but it’s entertaining, and it’s been fun to read back through it.

The next leisure book for me is likely to be Tolkien’s The Fall of Arthur. I enjoy Arthurian literature, and I like Tolkien, but I’ve not read this one before.

What about you? Are you reading anything particularly good right now? What are you hoping to read in the near future? Let us know in the comments.

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One Response to “My latest at ProfHacker: What Are You Reading These Days?

  • Meyer, Sherman & Deeds _The Course of Mexican History_
    Carey & Atkins _Organic Chemistry_
    George Eliot/Mary Ann Evans Cross _Middlemarch_
    Tom Kratman _The Amazon Legion_ (3rd in Carrera/Legion series)
    Kathy Reichs _Break No Bones_ (9th in Bones series)
    Robert B. Parker: Spenser novels
    Eric Flint: 1632 series
    Swift Programming Language

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