Planning for a Thursday Brown-Bag

This coming Thursday, I’ve been asked to participate in a brown-bag session on my campus focusing on institutional repositories, open access, and digital scholarship. I’ve been asked to take up the latter of those three, and I’ve been spending some time today thinking about what to say.

I won’t have much time, especially since we’ll want to leave time for questions and conversation. Still, even if I only have ten minutes or so, I think I can give my colleagues some good things to think about, especially if I also provide a handout (digitally, of course!). So here’s what I’m thinking:

If time permits, I might mention a few tools, but I suspect that’s better saved for a handout, given time constraints. (The ones for Literary New Orleans would be great if time allows, since they’re tools that don’t have a steep learning curve.)

Thus endeth my Day of DH 2014 — which has actually been pretty typical.

from Day of DH 2014: Amy Cavender

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