Quick Accessibility Tips

I’ll be talking with some of my colleagues about accessibility later today. I’ll have only a few minutes, so my goal is to raise awareness, not to provide any hands-on instruction. Even without instruction, though, there are a couple of quick, easy things that faculty can do to be sure their course materials are accessible to students. I’ve written them up in a brief handout, which I share here for any who might find it helpful.

Quick Tips for Accessibility

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  • Another tip: For accessibility, don’t put class materials in PDFs. Sure, they do a fair job of retaining most formatting across platforms, but they also do an excellent job of spreading malware.

    And they’re just basically annoying to many of us who do not like having an adobe reader pop up in a browser window with all of the controls conflated and mangled.

  • acavender
    7 years ago

    You have a point. I actually wasn’t thinking primarily in terms of materials that faculty create. I had in mind things like journal articles. Typically those are provided as PDFs, either by way of a subscription database (in which case they’re usually accessible) or by means of scanning a paper copy (in which case it’s important to run OCR).

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