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It’s hard to believe, but the First Sunday of Advent is nearly upon us. For Christians who observe the liturgical calendar, it marks the beginning of the new liturgical year. For Western Christians, the First Sunday of Advent this year falls on December 2.

With the beginning of the new liturgical year, I’ll be starting a new reading project; I’ll be joining the group at Read the Fathers. The idea is to read through the works of the early Fathers of the Church, by committing to reading seven pages per day over the course of seven years.[1] That’s a lot of reading, admittedly—but for the reasons I mentioned in this post, I think it’s worth it.

If you’d like to learn more about the project, be sure to check out the home page (linked above) and the FAQ.

If the whole idea intrigues you, find out how you can get involved. And if you’d like to join in the fun, check out the Start Reading page, and let the organizers know of your interest by leaving a comment on that page or by sending them an email at

  1. If that sounds a lot like daf yomi, that’s because the practice of daf yomi was one of the inspirations for this project. (back)

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