Winter Wonderland

It’s snowing heavily again in South Bend, and once again, the campus is gorgeous (though slogging across campus on sidewalks that aren’t plowed yet isn’t all that fun).

Like the photos from the other day, these are from my phone, since I don’t usually carry my regular camera with me on the way to work. I think I got the settings correctly adjusted, though, so these photos should be a little better than the last batch.

From 30 January 07…
From 30 January 07…
From 30 January 07…
From 30 January 07…

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  • Hi Amy! Thanks for posting the pictures of SB–they made me smile.

    Congrats on joining the CSC’s! What do you teach at SMC? I forget your dept. at ND.

    I too have followed my longstanding religious vocation in a rather unusual way: by becoming an independent Catholic priest. Makes the academic career tricky, with an ND degree in medieval theology, but God is working it out. I am presently teaching World Civilization in the history dept. at California State Univ., Fullerton. Gotta go make up a study sheet for the quiz on Monday.

    Many blessings, and best to Mary Ellen Vaughan and other CSCs who remember me.

    Laura Grimes

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